Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3380: Adele at the BBC, When Adele was disguised as Jenny - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Adele recently went undercover to compete in an "Adele Impersonator Contest". All the contestants met and mingled before they sang. And when it was her turn - the other women had some nonverbal signs which were rather worthy of a closer look.

This woman was perhaps the first to realize what was happening.

Notice her eyelids are significantly widely opened - together with a relaxed forehead.

What's the significance of her reaching out and touching those next to her?

Another example of widely opened eyelids associated with surprise.

Note her classic "slack jawed" change occurs after the eyelids are opened.

Covering of the mouth (often very rapid) is a significant sign of emotional processing (Although the intellect knows what is happening - the emotional brain is still coming to terms with the fact that "Jenny" is really Adele).

Moreover, a very unappreciated phenomenon is that those individuals who, when surprised, frequently cover their mouths - tend to also have a higher sincerity quotient vs. those who less frequently perform this gesture.

Rapidly touching one's hands on the side of the face has the same meaning as rapid mouth covering - except if two hands are used - the level of surprise tends to be significantly higher

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