Monday, November 23, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3381: Ariana Grande, Flirtatious Body Language and the American Music Awards (PHOTOS)

Tonight Ariana Grande won the 2015 American Music Awards Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist. In winning, she bested Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor.

This image captures Ms. Grande's body language display during her performance of her new song, "Focus" - and it's a very classic flirtatious nonverbal clusters.

Note Ariana is looking back over a raised shoulder (particularly a bare shoulder) with her head tilted slightly downward along with raised eyebrows. Such tilting of the head causes the eyelids to open to a greater degree and therefore it gives them a larger appearance - and bigger eyes are a universal quality of beauty.

Touching her thigh with her fingers is typically not a component of this cluster, however here it acts as a strong amplifier of Ariana's already provocative posing

In summary, Ariana Grande's  body language configuration in this moment is extremely flirtatious and strongly engenders protective instincts in most every man who sees it. And if you've been the recipient of this variety of nonverbal behavior - rest assured, the green light has been turned on.

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