Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3365: Carly Fiorina on "The View" - Destroying Likability and Lowering Charisma (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Carly Fiorina was a guest yesterday on The View. From a body language perspective, Ms. Fiorina tends to perform at a significantly higher level within the context of a debate. In such settings she sounds, looks and acts more Presidential. However during interviews, Ms. Fiorina does significantly worse.

Carly has a strong tendency to increase her blinking - both in frequency and duration. This behavioral pattern is more pronounced (and of course is also much more visible) when she's the only one (except the interviewer) on camera. This excessive and longer duration blinking is absolutely polarizing and rapport destroying. It projects arrogance and a condescending emotional tone - which does not win voter's hearts.

Another very significant nonverbal mistake throughout this video - is that Carly Fiorina barely uses her hands - this is a profound mistake. While it is certainly possible to use one's hands and arms excessively (à la Donald Trump) and in an incongruous manner - during this segment Ms. Fiorina's hands are only visible for four very brief moments. The less we see of a person's hands - the less we trust them and the less likability they emit (and Carly needs likability). Moreover, here Fiorina seems to be deliberately avoiding the use of her hands. This has the added effect of causing the movements of her head, neck, shoulders and eyelids to amplify - almost like a person would be if they were trying to express themselves or even struggling - while they were handcuffed. Her increased head/neck/shoulder/eyelid movements are excessive - "feel" unnatural to most people - and are off-putting and project defensiveness.

Another way of thinking of this, is that person who has charisma - never has diminished hand usage for any significant duration of time. And low charisma never wins elections.

The net result of this nonverbal cluster is that Ms. Fiorina is destroying rapport and losing the electorate.

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