Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3323: Matt Damon on Graham Norton reflecting on Winning Oscar - Blended Expressions (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A few days ago Matt Damon was a guest on the Graham Norton Show. Along with promoting his soon-to-be-released film, "The Martian", Damon gave some very interesting insight into the sentiments he was feeling just after winning an Oscar (He and Ben Affleck were 27 and 25 respectively when they won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting" [a film in which they each also acted]).

From a nonverbal teaching point-of-view, Matt Damon's retelling of this very personal event provides an excellent example of how emotions - and their corresponding body language signals - are often blended, coexisting with dovetailing crescendos and decrescendos.

Mr. Damon continues (at 1:36),"... I was alone with it (the Oscar) and I said to myself, 'Thank God I didn't fuck anyone over this.' And I suddenly had this kinda thing wash over me where I thought, imagine chasing that and not getting it - and getting it finally in your eighties or your nineties with all of life behind you and realizing what an unbelievable waste ..."

Here as he says "... getting ..." (1:52), we see a good example of a near-microexpression of disgust with a minor component of anger.

A split second later, as Damon says, "... finally ...", the component of disgust is relatively smaller while anger becomes the primary manifested emotion.

In your efforts to learn nonverbal communication, always remember there can often be two different emotions occurring simultaneously or nearly so. Disgust and anger are two common feelings which follow this phenomenon.

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