Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3325: Vladimir Putin, the United Nations, Russian Soil and Confidence Levels (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday Vladimir Putin gave a speech before the United Nations General Assembly. Whenever the former KGB agent is off of Russian soil, although his words may be strong and alpha - his nonverbal signals rarely match.

One reason politicians use a teleprompter is to dramatically increase eye contact with the audience and the camera. Here however, the vast majority of the time, Mr. Putin is looking at his notes. Whether you're a high school speaker or an experienced head-of-state, you should be well acquainted with the power of proper eye contact brings to influence others. This is a lesson Mr. Putin has either not learned or has yet to master. Not only does lack of eye contact destroy rapport and influence - this beta behavior also sends signals of low confidence.

Notice too how Mr. Putin rocks back and forth on his feet. This is also a sign of low confidence and high anxiety - and will remind many readers of a nervous (beta) school boy.

Additionally, throughout this entire speech, Mr. Putin rarely uses his arms/hands. Such lack of gestures should at the very least, make us think of his low confidence - and should also call into question the possibility of deception. When we don't see somebody's hands, we instinctively do not trust them. Another very freshman faux pas.

What other two nonverbal signals does Vladimir repeatedly display - one of which should send up red flags of low confidence - and the other of INsincerity?

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