Monday, September 14, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3309: Delta State University Shooting (Mississippi) Suspect Shannon Lamb - Body Language Red Flags (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Shannon Lamb died this evening of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police were seeking the Professor for the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Amy Prentiss as well as his associate Ethan Schmidt, at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. Prentiss's murder took place in Gautier, Mississippi - while Professor Schmidt was shot in his office on campus - 300 miles away.

These five images of Shannon Lamb are of various ages. From a nonverbal perspective they show a very clear and definitive pattern

Each of these facial expressions display to a varying degree, components of the emotions of both contempt and disgust.

In the first and third image, the emotion of disgust is the stronger one. In the second, fourth and fifth photos - contempt is more predominant. 

As human beings we are entitled to feel both disgust and contempt from time to time (and of course also anger). Yet those who display disgust, contempt or anger chronically - have a strong tendency impulse control disorder (a predilection to losing their temper)

People who commit violent acts, whether they are on a smaller scale or mass shootings/large scale terrorist acts - will very often have a preponderance of photographs with combinations of contempt, anger or disgust displayed. While this has always been true, in this age of social media, very often these images were chosen by the perpetrator. Such public displays of images should act as red-flags for astute observers.

Of course there are other nonverbal cues used for the purpose of threat assessment and predicting behavior. And certainly not everyone who displays these expressions chronically will commit such violent crimes. However, as mentioned above, they will indeed have problems controlling their temper. If you see these displayed chronically - try your best to avoid these individuals.

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