Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3295: Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football and Predicting Violent Behavior (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The University of Michigan made a mistake in hiring Jim Harbaugh. However this judgement is not based on his ability to coach football.

It's not surprising that during his first Michigan Media day as a head coach, Harbaugh would be a bit nervous (an excerpt included in the above video). Yet he's been in such spotlights before many times. Harbaugh was of course a starting quarterback for Michigan as well as the Chicago bears. Later he became head coach for the University of San Diego and then Stanford. In the NFL he coached the San Francisco 49ers all the way to Super Bowl XLVII.

And it's no secret that some of Harbaugh's previous players have complained about his temper - while other's have come to his defense. From a strictly nonverbal perspective, Harbaugh displays several warning signals of poor impulse control - one of which is discussed here.

When a person chronically displays widely open eyelids (barring a medical condition such as thyroid eye disease [Graves' disease], injury, botched surgery, side effects from Botox injections, etc.) - there will virtually always be accompanying behavioral problems. Jim Harbaugh's eyelids are indeed chronically opened very widely - and very significantly, in settings of where they are emotionally out of context. This disparity is a huge red flag. Although there are other associated disorders, very often this chronic "white and wide" expression indicates an impulse control disorder. There is a very high likelihood Jim Harbaugh will lose his temper in a highly significant manner. It could be tomorrow, it may be next month or five years from now. Most likely this will occur in preparation for a big game or in the midst of Michigan having a particularly bad losing season.

Jim Harbaugh was not well vetted psychologically/behaviorally. Michigan's desire to recapture the glory of their past will come back to bite them. 

Note: This is not the only nonverbal signal of impulse control disorder and there are people with this condition who do not exhibit this body language sign. Also, as stated above, this chronic widely open eyelid configuration can also be indicative of other behavioral disorders.

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