Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3223: Jordan Spieth, the U.S. Open, Annie Verret, Kissing and Body Language (PHOTOS)

The image above shows Jordan Spieth kissing his girlfriend, Annie Verret - after winning the Masters earlier this year. Ms. Verret was noticeably absent from Spieth's victory at the U.S. Open today. Spieth is the first to win the first two of the year's majors since Tiger Woods in did so 2002. And Jordan Spieth won't even turn 22 until next month.

From a body language perspective, it's notable that the World's number one ranked golfer has his eyelids closed in both images. As human beings, we close our eyes during a kiss when true affection is present. Forty percent of the mass of our brain is dedicated to the visual system. In addition, ninety percent of the sensory input is visual. The other four senses must "share" the left-over ten percent. Most every child will tell you that people who are blind will acquire a greater tactile sense. This is absolutely true of course - however few are aware that this phenomenon will also happen immediately with those who have excellent (or any) vision - though to a lesser extent.

When we close our eyes, the blood flow and electrical activity of the visual portions of our brains' diminishes slightly (and immediately). This mild decrease allows greater resources to be redistributed and divided-up between the other four senses - as well as our brains' cognitive and emotional centers. Thus we close our eyes during a sincere kiss because we want to feel it more - we want to drink-in every ounce of emotion. We want to live more deeply. Spieth is shown here kissing two things for which he truly feels deep affection - Annie Verret and the U.S. Open Trophy. The trophy is a surrogate for the accomplishment as well as representing the moment of victory. Like a sommelier tasting fine wine or a lover - he is drinking-in the moment to its fullest.

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