Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3211: Jerry Seinfeld, David Remnick, Seth Meyers & a Body Language Signal of Memory Recall (VIDEO, PHOTO)

During this dialog between Jerry Seinfeld, David Remnick and Seth Meyers, there is a fantastic example of a nonverbal signal of memory recall. Specifically, during the segment from 2:56 - 3:01, David Remnick (Editor-in-Chief of The New Yorker) looks relatively straight ahead (in ~ primary gaze) while his eyes make several relatively high frequency, low amplitude movements back and forth. These are known as "saccades" (or saccade-like movements). This particular type of saccade (of which there are many - and most have nothing at all to do with body language - but are significant of other physiology) is highly consistent with recalling memory - usually visually. David Remnick had for a moment forgot which magazine cover Caitlyn Jenner had initially appeared and he recalled it by first "seeing" the Vanity Fair cover in his mind's eye - and this visual trigger allowed him to then recall the publication's name. Of course this is something we all do. When Remnick's eyes were moving back and forth during this "Primary Gaze Saccade" - a portion of his brain dedicated to vision (visual cortex) was truly seeing the now iconic magazine cover. Here is an outstanding example of this body language phenomenon.  

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