Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3222: First Look Promo: Nick's Escape: Fear the Walking Dead: Series Premiere - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A "First Look Promo" was released yesterday for The Walking Dead Companion/Spinoff Series, Fear the Walking Dead.  It's titled Nick's Escape (see above). Nick is played by Frank Dillane - and he's running from something - presumably a walker. This video clip is included here because, from a body language perspective, Dillane does a considerably better job than most actors in achieving and maintaining the nonverbal signals indicative of a fear expression.


If you're a director, be aware that when a head is turned and (or) the eyes are looking laterally (as both is occurring here) they will naturally open considerably wider. This adds to the emotional feel of the face of fear - especially when looking back during a chase.


While Dillane's eyes are not opened as widely as they would be here (if he truly were being chased by a walker), his mouth - pulled extremely laterally and downward - is particularly well acted in this moment.


Mid-facial tension is common and expected with fear.


Once again - very widely opened eyes achieved with a lateral gaze.


Flared nostrils accompanies both fear and physical exertion - both of which are components of this "fleeing from fear" (remember Flight of Fight [or Freeze] from biology/physiology class?).

What other emotions also have flared nostrils?


Most people can open their eyelids widely if the forehead muscles are recruited to assist - however in high adrenaline states (such as fear) the eyelids themselves will open very widely without the forehead muscles (although they may also be contracted).


When the head/neck is tilted back - and the eyes are looking straight ahead - the eyelids naturally are less open. However had this been true high level fear, the eyelids would be retracted higher even with this temporary tilt - and we would see more "white" (sclera) on the upper part of his eye.

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