Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3131: Kim Jong-un, his Uncle Jang Song-thaek and a Warning sign of Potential Violence - Body Language (PHOTO)

This of course is an image of Kim Jong-un. The North Korean leader has two very particular emotions expressed here - those of disgust and anger. And while it is not fully manifested - the disgust component is a good example of a somewhat more than moderate manifestation.

The photo was purportedly captured as Kim Jong-un was looking at his soon-to-be executed Uncle (12 December 2013), Jang Song-thaek - the day prior to his arrest. 

The following are the components of fully expressed disgust:

•    Wrinkles on the bridge of the Nose
•    Accentuated nasal labial furrows (on the sides of the nose continuing down to near mouth corners)
•    Lower Lip is raised and protruded
•    Upper Lip is raised (sometimes very high) and slightly protruded
•    The upper lip and the area between the upper lip and nose (mustache area) is tightened
•    Flaring of the nostrils
•    Lowering of the eyebrows (but they are not drawn together as in anger)
•    Crow’s Feet on the lateral sides of the eyes
•    Chin wrinkling/dimpling
•    Forehead relaxed (but not when mixed with anger, see below)
•    Pulling the arms close to the torso, with a bending of elbow & hands often drawn toward mouth
•    Pulling back/retraction of the head, neck, torso
•   Stepping backwards or leaning to opposite side - away from object of disgust

Note that with pure disgust, the forehead is not contracted. Disgust is often mixed with a component of anger though, as it is here - which is why Kim Jong-un's lower central forehead and eyebrows are contracted together and downwards. It's also important that here, because of the anger component, Kim Jong-un's eyebrows are drawn together and downward - whereas in pure disgust, they are only directed downward.

What other disgust amplifier is seen here which is also consistent with anger?

We all express disgust from time-to-time - it's normal and very human. Yet those who CHRONICALLY manifest this emotion (and/or contempt) have significantly increased tendencies towards impulse control disorder, narcissistic personality disorder ... and violence.

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