Monday, March 2, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3119: Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama - What Body Language Tells Us (PHOTOS)

Much has been made of the relationship - or the lack thereof - between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama. This image was taken during a 2010 visit of the Israeli Prime Minister. While this is only one photo from one occasion - and it's always VERY important to look at the gestalt - this is very consistent and representative of one and a key aspect of Netanyahu's body language - and thus also his mindset.

Note Netanyahu's body position relative to Obama. Although we cannot see his feet in this photo, from the position of his legs we can say with a high degree of confidence that his feet are pointed towards the camera and NOT to Obama. However the U.S. President's body is shifted considerably towards his counterpart and at least his left foot is pointed in the Israeli leader's direction. 

Human beings point their bodies - the torso, lower abdomen, hips, knees - and particularly our feet towards those to whom we're attracted (not applicable here of course) or in the direction of those whom we respect. Mr. Netanyahu's body language is markedly disparate from his words. When the nonverbal and the verbal languages are in disagreement - it's the nonverbal which always tells the truths.

What other significant nonverbal signals do you see in this photo?

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