Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3138: Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes, "God She's Beautiful" and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier in the March Madness Tournament, Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes had some fun with the stenographers when he said, "Before I answer that question, I would like to say a few words — catawampus, onomatopoeia and antidisestablishmentarianism". Yesterday there were some more good-spirited antics - as well as some unplanned embarrassing humor. This hilarious segment is captured in the above video. From a body language perspective, this includes some excellent teaching moments. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis.


Just after Nigel Hayes says, "Syzygy" - he leans backward with his torso and suppresses the mouth component of a smile - while he does smile with his eyes. He also draws his arms in, and although we cannot see his hands, we can readily see his arms move inward (medially) allowing a seated fig-leaf - signaling a lower confidence and a beta emotional tone.


We see the Wisconsin star display a "Tongue Jut" while continuing his seated fig-leaf and a backwards leaning torso and head.

A tongue jut signifies "I've been bad" or "I got caught" - as Hayes' psyche tattles in this highly characteristic self-deprecating display.


Nigel's looking at the woman who he finds attractive (Stenographer Ms. Debra Bollman).

A little known facial microexpression can sometimes be seen when person finds another sexually attractive - and Hayes displays it here. This is very similar to a mouth and neck component of a microexpression of fear - yet in this context it indicates sexual attraction. The mouth corner pulls backwards or backwards-and-down. There is also a characteristic tightening of the neck muscles. In this moment it is very subtle and short-lived, but it's a fantastic example of this nonverbal signal. To fully appreciate the dynamics of this mouth microexpression of sexual attraction, you must watch the video (Repeat several times during the 0:13 segment).


With his eyelids opened widely, Nigel displays both Surprise and Fear after he realizes everyone heard him say, "God she's beautiful!" to his teammates.

There are several other components to these emotions. What other signals do you see? What is the third thought-emotion present here?


Frank Kaminsky displays a Mouth Covering with a cup (a surrogate) and his hand signifying emotional processing of this embarrassing situation - AND empathy for his teammate.


Mr. Hayes covers almost his entire face - showing both his obvious embarrassment and (another) less-obvious demonstration of emotional processing (e.g. Nigel's intellect knows what has occurred, but his psyche needs time to sort it out).

His other teammate, Sam Dekker, displays a nonverbal similar to Kaminsky's - a Mouth Cover - yet he also has an additional turning away with his head and torso.


In this final frame, note that both Dekker's and Kaminsky's Arms & Elbows are directed moderately-to-mildly outward, while Hayes' are inward and repositioned to that of another seated fig-leaf.

Their facial expressions are also in stark contrast.

Below is the interview with the stenographers just prior to Hayes' above:

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