Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2715: Olympic Figure Skater Ashley Wagner and her Body Language display of.... (PHOTOS)

In this image, U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner is shown just as she views her scores for the short program in Sochi, Russia Yesterday. The Olympic skater was not pleased with the judges' opinions. Nonverbal displays of anger are evident in the simultaneous lowering and pulling together of her eyebrows. Less often observed by most is the tension in her lower eyelids and the slight closing of her eyes.

Ms. Wagner's facial expression also has a trace component of contempt. Note her mid-face tightening is slightly greater on her left resulting in dilation of her left nostril, a subtly more defined left nasal labial furrow and a trace more elevation of her left upper lip vs. her right side (e.g. one more upper tooth is visible on her left).

Asymmetrical facial displays (here contempt) tend to be biased to one side, idiosyncratic to each person and are independent of hand dominance.

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