Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2727: "I am a Ukrainian" Video - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The video above recently went viral. In it a 25 year-old anonymous Ukrainian woman makes an impassioned plea to citizens of the World's other 195 countries for help via solidarity and indirect political pressure. And although there have been some short-live truces, many reports out of Kiev say that the protesters will not give up until President Viktor Yanukovych steps down. The demonstrations began about three months ago when Yanukovych reversed a decision to sign a trade agreement with the EU and thus siding with Russia.

From a body language perspective, this is an interesting video to observe. In any real World situation, there is rarely one isolated emotion for very long. Often there are two or even three emotions experienced simultaneously or in a very short time period. View this video first with the sound off, then with sound on. See how many emotions you can pick out in isolation and also mixed.

0:06 seconds
Primary Emotion: Contempt

0:11 seconds
Primary Emotion: Fear

0:13 seconds.
Primary emotion is Disgust

0:31 seconds
What is her primary emotion?

0:45 seconds
Primary emotion: Sadness

1:03 Mark
What is her Primary emotion?

1:51 mark
What is primary emotion here?
Secondary emotion?

If she were an actress and you were her director, what ONE THING would you advise her to do in order to transmit the emotion (she sincerely feels) much more powerfully?

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