Saturday, October 16, 2010

Negotiation Secret # 62, 63, 119 and 92:
Insincerity, Frustration, Incredulity and Impatience

Sergey is angry. Sergey is impatient.  Sergey is incredulous. Sergey's "smile" is insincere. Sergey is frustrated. This is Sergey Aslanyan.  He is President of JSC Sitronics. I truly wonder if Mr. Aslanyan knows he is projecting these emotions.  The most telling sign is his insincere smile.  Whenever you see the brows raised and eyes wide open, the smile is ALWAYS forced.  His "smile" is a tight lipped one - consistent with suppressed dissenting opinion while attempting to be polite and/or politically correct. The particular positions of his fingers and thumb on the left face and forehead is a classic frustration signal. When you see an insincere smile, you should always be thinking that there is an incredulous component of emotion present, especially when accompanied by frustration.