Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leadership Secret # 38: Four Levels of Confidence

This is a very real-world and illustrative photograph of four different levels of confidence displayed by four different ladies.  From left to right, the confidence levels (at the moment of the photo) are 3, 4, 2, and 1; with 1 being the most confident and 4 being the least.  It is very important to remember, that this only applies to the moment of the photograph and with a single photograph, it is not possible or wise to apply this to their overall personalities.

Hands are in the pockets is signal to others that you don't want to engage, that you don't really want to talk, and is ill-advised when you want to project confidence. There are two variations on the protective "fig-leaf" stance seen here by the two ladies on the left, the difference being a "prop" for added blocking effect.  Whenever a pillow, purse, book, glasses, brief case, etc. is held in front of the body, it is an additional coefficient of low confidence.  Angie Watson on the far right, with no blocking or protective signals, displays the highest confidence with her arms and hands at her side. It's also no surprise that of the four, she is also displaying the most sincere smile.