Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sincerity Secret # 21: Honest Anxiety

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is seen here addressing an audience. Although we don't know the reason, Mr. Zhirinovsky is experiencing some strong emotions that are resulting in a display of anxiety. If you look carefully, you will see that he is looking down and to his right. Although not 100% definitive, when people are looking in this direction, there is a high correlation with a concurrent mental processing of a moderate-to-high emotional issue. Many experts feel this has an accuracy in excess of 90%.

Vladimir's left hand is also scratching the top of his head. This particular "self-touching" is an example of a "manipulator" also known as an "adaptor" - and they have a high correlation with expressing anxiety. It is also interesting to note, that although we cannot say why he is experiencing anxiety, this particular "top of head location" is a fairly strong indicator of a honesty. Said another way - Mr. Zhirinovsky is probably feeling the anxiety associated with an honest dilemma or problem which must be faced.

His head is also tilted down and forward - also consistent with a negative emotional tone. These three findings are supportive of each other and collectively constitute a "gesture cluster".