Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sincerity Secret # 35: Billion Dollar Smile

Here we see the beautiful and talented Hilary Swank. She's one of only five actresses to ever get a Best Actress Oscar both times she's been nominated. This picture is very illustrative of the importance of "smiling your eyes". Hilary's eyes are partially closed - a trait always seen in sincere smiles. You can smile all you want to with your mouth, but if your eyes aren't involved - it's not a true, felt smile. Notice also, that although  her top teeth are nicely displayed, there are no bottom teeth in view. Look for the display of those bottom teeth as a sign of insincerity. This tip is worth its weight in gold. Here's another: To everyone I coach, I get them to practice this mantra: "Lead with your eyes, and your mouth will follow." It's sounds crazy, but it's true. If you practice this in a mirror - you'll end up laughing alone in your bathroom and you'll feel fantastic. Try it, you'll crack yourself up!