Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ground Control to Major Scott....

U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly a member of the International Space Station (ISS) crew is showing several classic signs of negative emotion in this photo.

His hands are clenched and raised, blocking his mouth. It is very clear that he does not like what he is hearing. If his fingers were interlaced, it would be a signal of even greater negative emotion. Notice how his thumbs are supporting his chin - this is a classic critical evaluation sign. His lips are very thinned and horizontally aligned - which is highly consistent with anger. The dilated vein seen in the astronaut's right temple is another sign which supports a negative emotional tone. In addition, the cluster of Major Kelly's mid-face being tightened, with pronounced nasal-labial folds and dilated nostrils - are all indicative of the emotion of disgust.

A highly disciplined professional and used to controlling his emotions, Kelly's eyes are close to neutral - but the truth leaks out elsewhere.