Friday, June 28, 2024

Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4754: Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein – A Dangerous, Duplicitous, and Predatory 'Smile' – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


Note the peculiarities in the above image of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump. Both such set-off your internal alarm bells. Neither of these facial expressions are sincere smiles. Far from it...

The lateral aspects of each man's lips are being pulled-in, they're not visible – while their central lips are pronounced, pooching forward. These are not anatomical idiosyncrasies. These expressions are behavioral, momentary, and fleeting.

This is a (relatively uncommon to rare) variation of a forward lip purse (clandestine plans, undisclosed disagreement) – but with an additional layer of warning: indicating predatory and malicious intent. 
Two actors come to mind who use this expression to their advantage when portraying evil and sadistic characters – Jim Carrey's version of the 'before Grinch'. ...

... And Benedict Cumberbatch as Star Trek's Khan Noonien Singh.

While each of these theatrical examples are hyperbolic, and those of Trump and Epstein are less extreme, the ramifications of real world behaviors hold much more horror.

SUMMARY: When the central lips are protruding forward with a simultaneous pulling-inward of the lateral lips (resulting in an absence/near-absence of the lateral lips), this is a red-flag for predatory intent.

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