Friday, June 7, 2024


Earlier this week at the Republican House members weekly briefing, there was a suspicious simultaneous and overlapping triple body language tell displayed by Mike Guest, Mike Johnson, and Steve Scalise.

This was NOT a coincidence.

The unusual (almost choreographed in appearance) behavior occurred immediately after Mike Johnson said, "[lip smack], Ah, with that, I'll ahh, I'll take a few questions. [pause, pointing] Front row."
All three men exhibit very similar, some of it, virtually identical body language simultaneously/near-simultaneity.

Just prior to saying, "Front row", Johnson, tilts his head down and trying to look over his glasses, points forward and to his right with his dominant index finger:

Side note: It’s infinitely wiser to use an open finger, palm-up gesture with all digits loosely (partially) extended. Index-finger pointing gestures are negatively-received across all human cultures.

As he points to the journalist, Johnson looks immediately to *his* far right – both rotating his head and neck – augmented by an additional right-lateral gaze with his eyes:

Why is Johnson momentarily (and immediately) looking away from the journalist, at whom he just pointed, and who's about to ask his question? – in this context, it’s highly suggestive of cognitive-emotional dissonance.

Johnson then looks back at the journalist – and immediately displays a regret expression (suggesting foreknowledge). Again, this is prior to the question being asked:

Johnson then begins to look down as he also displays a Tight Tongue Jut (indicative of Disdain, Repulsion, and Disgust).

Note: the journalist has not yet said anything but, "Ah, Mister Speaker ...":

Johnson then pushes his glasses up touching his nose bridge of his glasses with his left index finger (Guest also touches his face, see below) as he continues to tilt his head downward (simultaneously with Reps. Scalise and Guest also tilt their heads down):

Moreover, not only do all three men bend their head/necks forward/down, they also all close their eyes as the journalist begins his question.

Look carefully at Johnson's mouth. As he's pushing up his glasses, his jaw is clenched and thrusting forward (adrenaline surge) whilst he's also displaying an inward lip roll (suppression of strong emotion).

Johnson is trying to suppress and hide his anger:

 Johnson displays a disgust just a second later:

Simultaneous with Johnson's glasses adjustment, Michael Guest displays three consecutive facial touches (anxiety, disbelief) – first his right eyebrow while covering much of the right half of his face:

Congressman Guest, then covers most of his lower face as he rubs his nose (anxiety, disbelief). Simultaneously, Scalise, brushes his right upper chest/shoulder region with his left hand (self-preening):

Then Rep. Guest displays a chin rub (feigned consideration, critical evaluation) as Rep. Scalise simultaneous covers his mouth with his left hand while continuing to look down:

Next, Scalise displays an Inward Lip Roll (suppressing strong emotions) – which he was also doing just 6 seconds prior as this clip begins:

Did you notice Michael Guest swaying side-to-side (anxiety) just prior as Johnson said he’d “take a few questions”?

All three of these men closed their eyes and looked down – and Guest and Johnson had already touched their faces (anxiety) before the journalist had spoken Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name or anything to do with President Biden.

This question was planted/orchestrated. All three men do not care for Marjorie Taylor Greene – however, Johnson, being speaker, is trying to placate Greene by making her (and her power within the Republican party) more visible.

SUMMARY: The simultaneity of this triple body language display is an extremely strong indicator that these three men knew, in advance, the specifics of the first question to be asked.

The question was planted.

Mike Johnson is trying to placate Marjorie Taylor Greene and boost her ego, while at the same time trying to not alienate the other factions of the Republican Party:

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