Saturday, May 25, 2024

Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4744: Kaitlan Collins asks Ted Cruz if he'll Accept the Results of the 2024 Election – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


Two days ago, Senator Ted Cruz was asked by Kaitlyn Collins if he'll accept the results of the 2024 presidential election. What follows is a brief clip of that interview and an oft overlooked body language tell. 
Specifically, Kaitlan Collins asks, "In 2024, will you certify the election results? Do you plan to object or will you accept the results regardless of who wins the election?"

Ted Cruz answers, "So Kaitlin, I gotta say, I, I think that's actually a, a ridiculous question" – Collins pushes back with, "It's a yes or no question"...

Cruz responds, "I, n, no, it's not. N, le, le, let me explain why it's a ridiculous question. It's not a question – 'ave you ever asked Democrat that?" Collin answers, "Of course." 

Note Ted Cruz's double-handed gesture – with his fingers and thumbs intertwined except for the two index fingers (forefingers) flexor surfaces touching, and extended in a forward point: 

This is called a "Pistol Steeple" for two reasons – not only because it physically resembles a handgun (a visual metaphor), but also because it signifies an effort to 'shoot down' the idea/logic/explanation of the other person:

Whenever a pistol steeple is used, you know the person already has their mind made up – and that they're going to vehemently oppose you/your reasoning/your answer. Their mind is not only closed, but they're on the offensive. 

It's important to note that sometimes you'll see a pistol steeple being displayed, but the person isn't voicing any (or perhaps just a little) disagreement. ...

... In such cases, the pistol steeple is a sign of clandestine disagreement. You can indeed be sure that they're thinking-feeling considerable criticisms – they're just holding them back. Watch your flank!

Did you notice the contempt that Cruz displays toward Collins (on *his* left). It looks like what many people would call a 'snarl'. It's a bit difficult to see because of the angle of the camera and his facial hair, but Cruz is expressing considerable contempt here:

Notice also Cruz's multiple stutterings (Cruz is a non-stutterer), omission and truncation of words. He also immediately starts in on his explanation, but then stops, self-interrupting – asking Collins about her asking a Democrat that same question (whataboutism). 

Moreover, like many manipulative people – particularly people in power – Cruz criticizes the question – turning it into an admonishment of the questioner. This is always a red flag. 

Cruz and people with similar personalities will criticize you and bully you – trying to make you feel stupid – in public or in private – in an effort to get you to back down and prevent similar queries from others in the future. 

SUMMARY: The Pistol Steeple shows his desire to 'shoot down' another person's opinions, inquiries, ideas, or plans and go on the offensive. Cruz not only displays these thought-feelings toward Collins, but he also displays contempt toward her.

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