Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4745: Donald Trump Departing the Courthouse as the Jury Begins Their Deliberation – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


Today, as the Jury was about to begin their deliberation, Donald Trump and his entourage left the courthouse. What follows is a body language analysis of the brief video included above.

Not only did Donald Trump not make any comments to the cameras and awaiting journalists – but he did not even make eye contact:

In this context, Trump's lack of eye contact is highly significant for Trump feeling guilty (crucially, Trump is feeling legal-culpability guilt, NOT shame-guilt and NOT remorse-guilt).

Trump then makes a pseudo fist-pump gesture. Note the motion of his fist is twice side-to-side, not upward (as it would be for defiance, black power, solidarity, or fighting Fascism, etc.):

The motion of Trump's arm-hand is also quicker on the out-stroke (abduction), and slower on the in-stroke (adduction) (as if he's pounding a wall). His fist never rises above the height of his ear. 

The former game show host often gestures in this manner in public. It's a Trumpian perfunctory. He often makes this gesture with both hands – but not here. Why? ... He has low confidence. It's a performance, albeit less so than usual.

Note also, Trump is using only his left hand with this pseudo fist-pump ... but Trump's right-hand dominant. If he had true conviction of his claimed beliefs of power, solidarity, or defiance – Trump would use his dominant hand, but that's not what he's feeling.

Lastly look carefully as Trump walks through the doorway. Immediately after he exits, he turns to his left and lowers his head fairly dramatically. Also, Trump's already-slouched shoulders droop even further:

It's crucial to contrast that behavior which is driven by a greater conscious component (his pseudo fist-pump) with those that have almost no conscious component (Trump's head and shoulder drooping). 

When assessing body language behaviors – if at first glance, there appears to be a contradiction, the behavior that's unconsciously-driven should be given much more diagnostic weight over that which is consciously conducted (performed).

SUMMARY: Upon exiting the courtroom today, at the commencement of the Jury's deliberation, Donald Trump could not even look at the camera or the press pool. He exhibited body language indicative of low energy, low confidence, and significant culpability-guilt.

Crucially, Donald Trump's body language tells us that he believes he's soon going to be a convicted felon.

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