Sunday, May 19, 2024

Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4742: Matt Gaetz at Donald Trump's Trial – Violations of Trump's gag order by proxy – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


Along with Matt Geatz (FL) – Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ), Mike Waltz (FL), Eli Crane (AZ), Andy Ogles (TN), Anna Paulina Luna (FL), Ralph Norman (SC), Bob Good (VA), and Lauren Boebert (CO) all showed up in NYC to support Trump at his Felony Election Interference Trial.

What follows is a partial body language analysis of the following video clip concentrating primarily on Matt Gaetz – and one crucial, but often overlooked nonverbal behavior:


Note that the great majority of Gaetz's gestures were made solely with *his Left* hand. Including and particularly when he says, "... of our own volition ..." 

"... that President Trump is unjustly not allowed to say ..."

"...This is a corrupt judge ..."

"... This is a corrupt prosecution ..."

"... and so we're going to keep speaking out against this ..."

"... these undemocratic ..."

Although Gaetz does gesture with both arms/hands as well as some with his right arm/hand, the vast majority were made with his left hand/arm.

But Matt Gaetz is clearly right-handed!

Here's a pic of Gaetz throwing out a first pitch from 2017: 
When a person doesn't believe what they're saying (and when they don't have the courage that they're feigning with their verbal language) – they're much more likely to gesture with their non-dominant hand (as Gaetz did in front of the courthouse, with *his* left hand).

In addition, of all 6 times Gaetz gestures only w/ his left hand/arm in this crucial video clip, when Gaetz says, "We're here of our own volition" – he lifts his hand the least. This relativity/nuance is further indication of Gaetz's lack of belief in his own statement.

Moreover, just prior to Gaetz saying, "... This is a corrupt prosecution ...", Gaetz begins to gesture with his right hand/arm – but he stops, rests it at his side, and proceeds to gesture with his left (non-dominant) hand/arm.

Did you also notice how many of Gaetz's fellow congressional members (AWAL from their jobs) were standing with their hands in the fig-leaf position? 

The fig-leaf stance (aka "genital guarding") is a position adopted (the vast majority of times, subconsciously) in 2 primary scenarios:

A. During the display of deference and/or respect (i.e., standing next to a major religious figure, at a funeral, etc) and ...

B.  Fig Leaf (aka genital guarding) is also displayed during times of:

• Low-Confidence
• Emotional Discomfort
• Need for Emotional Protection

SUMMARY: Matt Gaetz told multiple lies this week when he appeared in NYC at Donald Trump's Felony trial for Election Interference. Crucially and specifically, Gaetz lied when he said, "We're here of our own volition."
Despite their attempts at bravado and hubris, Gaetz and his Republican cohort have low confidence, emotional discomfort, and a need for protection. They felt vulnerable. 

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