Thursday, January 11, 2024

Body Language Analysis No. 4728: Donald Trump is displaying Fear – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

The above image was captured on January 6th 2024 in Newton, Iowa – three years to the day after the insurrection. 

It demonstrates an expression that Trump displays relatively rarely – and in light of his legal troubles, its evaluation is particularly important.

Note Trump's jaw is extended forward. This is a manifestation of an Adrenaline Surge (which, in isolation, could indicate a number of different thought-feelings – but read on for the full analysis).

This jaw jutting is photographically highlighted by the evanescent empty space/temporary cavity behind Trump's jaw and below his ear (tissue stretching forward). The shading from the angle of the light in this moment makes it especially easy to see.

Next look at Trump's mouth – the corners are pulled laterally w/ an additional downward vectoring. Due to the angle of this image, we're unable to evaluate the symmetry of this dynamic, however it appears to be more prominent on his left.

This is a mouth expression indicative of fear.

Now observe the direction of Trump's gaze. He's looking down to his right. Although there could very well be an unrelated and valid reason to otherwise look in this direction, it's also the quadrant we tend to look toward during highly emotional moments.

Crucially, pay close attention to Trump's neck. Although he's not a thin individual (making it more difficult to visualize), we can see his neck muscles (sternocleidomastoids ['ropy' muscles] and his platysma [nearly thin paper-thin muscle just below neck skin] TIGHTEN).

This dynamic is a 'Neck of Fear'.

SUMMARY: This expression of Donald Trump is highly-indicative of FEAR, particularly his:

• Neck of Fear
• Mouth of Fear
• Jaw Jut

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