Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Body Language Analysis No. 4727: Dan Scavino's default expressions – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

When a person wants to look important but they have low confidence – they'll often adopt a facial expression involving widely open eyes (eyelids).

Another common default in those who lack self-confidence, but who want to appear the opposite is a facial expression of a seemingly constant elevated forehead. 

This usually (but not always) primarily involves the central forehead. A look of concentration, concern, or pseudo-deep-thought often accompany their elevated central forehead.

Think of the guy in the gym or at the bar who's trying to look important. 

And sometimes you'll even see both of these components – widely opened eyes simultaneous with an elevated forehead.

Those who lack confidence in themselves but who want so deeply to be thought of as important are dangerous – because they'll do just about anything to belong to the cool-kids club.