Monday, January 1, 2024

Body Language Analysis No. 4723: Mike Johnson Red Flag Expression – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


In the above image of Mike Johnson, taken on 23 Oct. 2023 (2 days prior to his election to US Speaker of the House) we see four key simultaneous body language signals:

• Looking indirectly with the eyes (without a full head turn or full torso turn)
• Elevated forehead contraction
• Elevated Upper eyelids
• Glasses adjustment

Multiple body language signals displayed simultaneously or nearly so are termed a 'cluster' and are the nonverbal equivalent of a sentence.

Note that Johnson's forehead elevation is not pronounced as it would normally be (especially in the central lower forehead and also in the entire width of the upper forehead) due to prior Botox injections.

Johnson's glasses adjustment may very well be initiated with a partial deliberate/conscious component (usually practiced and may be habitual) and in such cases is an affectation. 

These four body language signals (a cluster) taken in toto indicate:

• Suspicion
• Undisclosed disagreement
• Clandestine plan

Whenever you see this amalgam of facial expressions directed toward you or your associates – protect your flank.