Monday, January 8, 2024

Body Language Analysis No. 4727: Donald Trump deception – claiming to "put America first" – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


The above video clip is from Trump's appearance in Clinton, Iowa on January 6th 2024 – three years to the day after his attempt at insurrection. What follows is a body language analysis of crucial tells Trump displayed during this segment.

Note that just after the video begins (0:01), we see a brief display of what is known as a Loose Tongue Jut – a nonverbal signal of:

• Deception
• "I just said/about to say a stupid thing"
• "I've been/about to be caught"
• "I've been bad"

Be careful not to confuse a Loose Tongue Jut with a Tight Tongue Jut or a Wide Open Tongue Jut – as these indicate completely different thought-emotions. 

Then Trump says (0:1 - 0:4), "Unlike every other candidate in this race, with me you know, ..."

As he says this Trump twists his torso several times. In this context, this twisting is indicative of anxiety associated with Deception.

As you rewatch this video segment, please recall the expressions: "Twisting yourself into a pretzel", "Twisting the Truth", "Twisted Lies", etc. 

Note also, that whilst he's twisting his torso, Trump also displays a facial expression indicating an amalgam of both Contempt and Disgust.

Then Trump continues, "... in your heart, that I will always put America first – which I will, I think I've proven that...". Note that just after Trump says, "first", he shrugs (0:07) with both shoulders (more pronounced on his right [because that shoulder is lower due to his turn/twisted torso]).

Whenever Shoulder Shrugging should never be seen when a person is making a declarative statement ("...I will always put America first ..."), you know that they don't believe whatever they just said/are saying. 

This is also a good example of the verbal language disagreeing with the nonverbal language – in such cases, it's the nonverbal message that speaks the truth.

Did you notice Trump's eye closure during his shoulder shrugging? This signals yet another signal of lying – momentary lack of eye contact during the lie.

A second later is a great example of a Statement Analysis tell – with Trump's use of "I think I've proven that" (rather than "I've proven that" or "I know I've proven that") a hedging statement which betrays his low confidence and deception.

SUMMARY: In this 9 second clip, we see Donald Trump display 4 nonverbal signals/supportive signals and one verbal (statement analysis) sign of Deception – as well as his display of Contempt and Disgust.

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