Thursday, January 4, 2024

Body Language Analysis No. 4724: Jeffrey Epstein's red flag 'smile' (suppressed smile) – Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence


In the example shown above, as well as in this second image, Jeffrey Epstein displayed a very specific sub-type (and highly telling) partially suppressed sincere smile. 


It's profoundly crucial to point out that actions/words/etc. that evoke emotions which cause one person to smile, are not necessarily ethical. People w/ psychological pathology can derive joy-happiness from what most people would consider highly unethical thoughts/acts.

Note in each photo example, Epstein's forehead, although passively wrinkled, there was no underlying muscle contraction. This is consistent with a sincere smile.

Note also that each of Epstein's eyes (eyelids) are partially closed, which is also absolutely required during a sincere smile.

Additionally, another requirement of a true smile of joy-happiness, is that in each of his lower eyelids there is a concave-up furrow. 



To the casual observer, Epstein's mouth appears to be displaying a typical mouth-smile – with each corner upturned. However careful examination reveals a critical nuance. 

Notice the center portion of Epstein's lips are pursed slightly forward – while simultaneously the lateral aspects of each of his lips are quite thinned, to the point of not being visible. 

This is a forward lip purse simultaneous with a sincere, but suppressed smile. 

A forward lip purse is a highly-reliable signal of a clandestine plan and/or a significant but otherwise unexpressed disagreement. 

SUMMARY: These examples of suppressed smiles with lip pursing are reminiscent of some expressions made by "The Joker" from "Batman" – and they should send major red flags to your psyche: Avoid at all costs!

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