Sunday, August 5, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4334: Ivanka Trump and the Pistol Steeple - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

The above image and the close-up below were taken at the White House on 2 August 2017. Ivanka Trump was chairing a meeting in the Roosevelt Room addressing what the administration could do to help support military spouses.

Ms. Trump's hands are configured in what, in body language parlance, is termed a Steeple. More specifically, this is what is known as a Pistol Steeple.

The word Pistol is a nonverbal metaphor in this context - and in several ways. The shape of the hands with three fingers intertwined while extending parallel forefingers (index fingers) mimics the morphology of a handgun. Many people will hold a handgun in a similar manner (only with all fingers around the pistol grip) - and not surprisingly, children "playing guns" will hold their hands this way.

The metaphor, however, extends even further. For when a person holds their hands in the pistol steeple, they are very much shooting down the idea or proposal being discussed. The pistol steeple is very much a Hyper-Alpha gesture (illustrator). The additional component of holding it physically high (level with her neck) further amplifies it's alpha assertiveness and aggressiveness (Occasionally, the pistol steeple is held even higher - in front of one's face). 

SUMMARY: Whenever a person uses a pistol steeple, they view themselves as the most alpha individual in the room. (In this case, although there were at least two cabinet-level officials in the room, Ivanka Trump is the President's daughter, Senior Advisor to the President, and she was chairing the meeting). Individuals using a pistol steeple are recognized as having (or sometimes they're taking) what amounts to veto power and they're effectively killing an idea/proposal.

If your boss begins using a pistol steeple in your presence, take heed - for your days of employment are probably numbered. If you're an attorney and the judge uses a pistol steeple when addressing you - change your tactics. If your spouse frequently points a pistol steeple at you - call a marriage counselor.

The fact that Ivanka Trump used this High Pistol Steeple to shoot down an idea/ideas while meeting with military spouses - carries a particularly high level of irony.

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