Monday, April 23, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4269: Michael Cohen and the Joker Smile - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTO)

This image captures Michael Cohen during one of his Default Expressions. His "smile" in this moment is INSINCERE. More specifically this is a "JOKER smile" - named after the character from the original Batman comics.

Notice Cohen's forehead - it's contracted and elevated across its entire width - while the forehead of a person with a true smile of Joy-Happiness is always relaxed.

Coordinated with his elevated forehead are his elevated eyebrows. This brow dynamic is also a mark of insincerity.

However, his upper eyelids are lowered. More specifically, they are passively closed - with a droopy appearance. Crucially, when the eyelids are moving in the opposite direction than the adjacent forehead tissue - it's unnatural - a red flag for feigned emotions. Sincere (Duchenne) smiles ALWAYS require partially closed eyelids - but they do NOT close in this manner. With True smiles - the eyelids are actively closed - and they don't have this passive/droopy appearance.  

Now study the President Trump's attorney-fixer's mouth...

A Sincere smile does NOT display the teeth on the bottom - only the top (with the exceptions being at the beginning or end of true laughter [sincere laughter DOES reveal the lower teeth], a head tilted downward, and/or a superior camera angle.

The corners of his mouth are upturned - as we would expect with a sincere smile - but there is also significant lateral vectoring. Here, again, adjacent tissues are working against each other (another red flag) - simultaneously pulling the mouth both sideways and up

The tug-o-war of facial muscle near Cohen's mouth results in significant exposure of his lower teeth - and importantly, more so that his upper teeth - and thus resulting in the JOKER SMILE.

Summary: Michael Cohen commonly displays this particular variety of Feigned Smile - known as the JOKER SMILE. It's common and it's insincere. Whenever you see this expression on the street, in business, or in your personal life - be warned. Protect your flank.

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