Thursday, April 26, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4271: Donald Trump's Hand Holding While Pulling of Emmanuel Macron - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

One of the more unusual moments of Emmanuel Macron's State Visit occurred on Tuesday as Donald Trump held the French President's hand - while pulling him along outside the West Wing of the White House.

It will come as a surprise to many Americans that it's commonplace in many countries for men - who are platonic friends - to hold hands with other men in public.

It's a sign of mutual respect when a Saudi man holds another man's hand - side by side - in public. In this second image, George W. Bush is seen strolling on his Texas ranch holding hands with Saudi King Abdullah in 2005.

In a similar manner to President Trump, Chris Brown pulled Rihanna along as they left the Staples Center after a Lakers game (Christmas Day 2012). Brown routinely displayed this behavior with her. Recall that Chris Brown has a well-documented history of physical abusing Rihanna.

Summary: Donald Trump's hand holding while pulling Emmanuel Macron was profoundly patronizing and insulting nonverbal behavior intended to belittle, embarrass, and exert dominance over the French President and is commonly displayed by Malignant Narcissists. It's critical to note just how contradictory Trump's body language is compared with his verbal language (filled with high praise and expressions of friendship) toward Macron. Whenever the nonverbal and the verbal behavior differ - it's the nonverbal signs which always tell the truth.

This dynamic of Hand-Holding-While-Pulling-Along-One's-Partner also carries with it two additional ominous warnings - for it not only signals a man who has a strong predilection for objectifying his partner (e.g., NOT perceiving them as an equal human being - but as an object to be used and discarded), - but it also is a red flag for a man with a tendency toward violence rather than diplomacy.

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