Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Body Language Analysis No. 4191: President Trump's State Of The Union Speech - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Tonight President Trump gave his first State of the Union Address. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis concentrating on (the second pillar of) the "four pillars" portion concerning his plan for immigration.

Beginning at 1:03:34, the President says, "The second pillar fully secures the border". This is followed by (partial) audience applause. Next (beginning at 1:03:57) he says, "That means building a great wall on our southern border ..."

However, just prior to this "great wall statement", during 1:03:52, President Trump exhibits a strong facial expression (image immediately above) - it's an amalgam of two emotions:

• Contempt (primary emotion)
• Disgust (secondary emotion)

Only a second later, during 1:03:53, the President transitions to a facial expression of primarily Disgust.

Donald Trump also Falsely Adjusts his Jacket. This dynamic is a hyper-alpha power display - a modern culture analog of muscle flexing.

Three seconds later, during 1:03:56, President Trump then displays classic Forward Lip Pursing. Forward Lip Pursing indicates a Clandestine Plan and/or a Clandestine Disagreement. Those who make this facial configuration believe they're the "Alpha" in the presence of "Betas". Moreover, they believe they will have a good chance of success when implementing their plan. Whenever you see this expression, you can be 100% sure information is being withheld. This is a red flag. Protect your flank.

You will also note, during much of his address tonight, the President's head/neck were tilted backward. This was not only done when he was looking up to the balcony (which, of course, is understandable and expected) - but when his eyes were looking forward as well. Such prolonged and frequent head tilting indicates and projects arrogance. Anyone who desires to build rapport and leadership with an audience should not adopt such a posture.

Summary: President Trump's nonverbal behavior during the State of The Union Address tonight, indicates he has contempt and disgust toward the subject of immigration and immigrants (contempt can only be felt toward another person/people). More specifically, his displays in this portion highlight his particularly negative emotions toward immigration from Mexico.

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