Monday, October 9, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4088: Kit Harington's April Fools' Prank on Rose Leslie - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During Kit Harington's recent guest appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Jon Snow's alter ego recounted an April Fools' Day prank he played on his fiancée, Rose Leslie. It's quite the spoof.

Mr. Harington displayed a particular and highly characteristic nonverbal tell during his interaction with Mr. Ross. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of this moment.

JONATHAN ROSS (beginning during 0:00 in the above video): We have ah, a video prank -


ROSS: - that you played on your on, ah, your intended - on Rose. Ah, and, um, we're going to show this and then perhaps you can talk us through ...

Very early in the video, during 0:02, just after Kit Harington says, "Yeah" (notated by ), the actor displays a "Forward Lip Purse". This is brief, lasting less than a second (technically classified as a "near-microexpression).

Only three seconds later during 0:04 - 0:06, as Mr. Ross is saying, "... your intended - on Rose. Ah, and, um, we're going to show ...", Mr. Harington once again made this same Forward Lip Pursing (It probably lasted a bit longer, however, the camera switched to back to Ross).

A Forward Lip Purse indicates either the presence of secret - and/or a withheld disagreement (partially or fully withheld). Both of these situations encapsulate the nonverbal manifestation of an emotion which is clandestine in nature.

[Be careful not to confuse a forward lip purse with a lateral lip purse - which has a completely different meaning]

In this scenario, although the audience does know an April Fool's joke was pulled - we are not yet privy to what, specifically, is about to happen. Thus, from Kit Harington's point-of-view, he's very much pulling the same prank on us. He's keeping a secret. And the presence of this secret is manifested via his forward lip purse.

Keep in mind, that although Mr. Harington is a skilled and accomplished actor - when he's "just being Kit" - he's not any better at suppressing his nonverbal signals than the rest of us.

Summary: In this setting, we're let in on the complete secret in short order. However, in the everyday real world, forward lip pursing tells us that a person is keeping their full opinion to themselves - and very possibly a plan of action from our knowledge. Forward Pip Pursing a profound red flag and should never be ignored.

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