Sunday, October 8, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4086: Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Access Hollywood Video - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Thursday, 5 October 2017, The New York Times broke a story regarding allegations of decades worth of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein. A number of women have made accusations, including Ashley Judd.

On Saturday, 7 October, President Trump was asked about Mr. Weinstein and he responded. Immediately after his answer, the same journalist followed up with comparing Mr. Weinstein situation with the President's own Access Hollywood video scandal. Before she could fully ask her question, the President interrupted her - reiterating his original "locker room" analogy. However, if you know what nonverbal signals to look for - you'll see Trump telegraph his true emotions.

What follows is a partial body language analysis.

During 1:05, the President displays a Tight Tongue Jut - which indicates feelings of Disdain, Disgust, Repulsiveness (Don't confuse this with a Loose Tongue Jut - for it has completely different meaning). It's helpful to think of this microexpression in the context of one dynamic of which we were guilty as infants: When we didn't like our creamed asparagus - we pushed it out with a tongue in a very similar motion.

Immediately thereafter, still during 1:05, President Trump makes a pronounced Jaw Jut (forward thrusting microexpression of the jaw consistent with an adrenaline surge). Simultaneously he retracts his upper lip creating dramatic tension in "Mustache Area". This nonverbal cluster is indicative of a high level of Anger.

In rapid succession, during 1:05 - 1:06, the President displays an Inward Lip Roll (an attempt to suppress strong emotions). With continued Tension in Mustache Area along with the prominent bulging in tissue below Lower Lip demonstrates a combination of Anger with Frustration. These emotions are amplified by his prominent Jaw Clenching and Chin Dimpling.

Just before he says, "That's locker room, that's locker room, yeah", during 1:06, Donald Trump's Inward Lip Roll and Clenched Jaw are rapidly transitioning to a Suppressed Smile. At the same, time the President displays a Head Snap, (a quick twisting and tilting of his head and neck) Bilateral Eyebrow Flash, and a Prolonged Blink. This nonverbal cluster is indicative of High Confidence and Self Righteous emotions.

Summary: President Trump feels dramatic disdain when the subject of the Access Hollywood video is broached. He has deep anger and even hatred for this scandal. However, he also feels that the content and ramifications of the Access Hollywood Video are battles he has already fought and won. 

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