Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3581: Hillary Clinton, Likability and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier today on CNN's "State of the Union", Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Jake Tapper. During this dialog, Secretary Clinton displayed a pair of her nonverbal tendencies which work against her - contributing to her lower likability as well as lowering the public's trust in her.

Although Mrs. Clinton's interview style has improved, and she's had decades of experience in front of the camera, she continues to make the very freshman mistake of over-using her forehead as well as opening her eyes too wide.

There are certainly times when the eyes should be opened wider, even much wider than baseline (and it's normal physiology and psychologically to do so) such as during fear, surprise and moderate-to-severe anger (rage).

Another time we often see eyelids opened wider than baseline is during moments of emphasis. In such settings, both the widely opened eyes as well as the accompanying elevated and contracted forehead muscles serve as a nonverbal exclamation point.

Yet when a person opens their eyes too much and too frequently, it's human nature to look at his with suspicion - for it very often is the case the person is trying too hard to convince you of something. In fact when you see such nonverbal behavior - that's exactly what you should ask yourself, "Why is this person trying so hard to win me over?" And the next time you're buying a house, a car, an insurance policy, making an investment, hiring someone or going on a date - if you see this type of body language hyperbole - consider it a red flag.

Of course, when running for President, there are many times extra-emphasis is absolutely indicated, but if one does this too much it will server to drive down a person's sincerity quotient (e.g., trust) and likability.

When Mrs. Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, she rarely displayed this eyelid/forehead over-use - and her favorability ratings were significantly higher. After she left that office, the reemergence of behavior was a telltale signal of her intention to run for President. 

Take Home Point: Over-use of the forehead muscles and eyelids the are opened widely too frequently indicates a person is trying too hard to convince you of something. It will lower likeability, favorability and sincerity.

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