Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3578: Megan Fox, Body Language and Dismissive Emotions (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Megan Fox was a guest yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and she didn't disappoint - the actress provided some fantastic body language teaching moments.

During 5:04 - 5:06, Megan Fox displays a classic "Chin Brush-off" - as Jimmy Kimmel tells her that he knows how painful it is to have a baby.

This forward brushing motion made with the backside of the fingers and very often performed repetitively (but sometimes just with a single touch) - is a nonverbal signal of dismissal, disbelief and critical evaluation. Very often the person using this body language will be speaking in agreement - and here it is in sarcastic agreement - yet it's as if to say, "You don't know what you're talking about" or "I don't believe you" (or "I don't believe what you're doing"). 

Later in this same video (5:52 - 5:54, and punctuated by a near ear scratch), Jimmy and Guillermo are helping her to choose her baby's first and middle name. Even though she knows this is in the scenario of a talk show filled with humor and hyperbole, Ms. Fox again goes into a state of disbelief at what she deems as foolishness - once more displaying a variation of the chin brush-off.

It's also of significant note that Megan simultaneously displays a "Forward Lip Purse" during both of these occasions (easier to see in the second example). The forward lip purse is a sign of clandestine disagreement (and/or a clandestine plan) - and thus is very congruent with the chin brush-off.

Please watch the video, as the dynamics of this nonverbal behavior is important to see in context - with the words and the paralanguage.

Here there is an obvious comic overtone to this interaction - yet the vast majority of the time in our every day lives when this and other body language is used - there is no comedy transpiring and information is being withheld with serious ramifications. It's profoundly valuable to recognize when the words spoken are in disagreement with what is being thought and felt. It's there all around you to see - but you must know what to look for ...

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