Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3593: What does Tulsi Gabbard think about Hillary Clinton? - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In response to a question yesterday, Representative Tulsi Gabbard displayed an excellent example of a subtle microexpression of disgust.

Beginning at 0:16 in the above video segment, Wolf Blitzer asks, "So you - endorsing Hillary Clinton for the nomination? Are you - "

Tulsi Gabbard [over-talking]: "I'm not, I'm not prepared ..." [microexpression of disgust]

Blitzer: [over-talking] "Are you in her camp yet?"

Gabbard: "I'm not prepared to do that ..."

Just after the first occasion she says the word "prepared" (during 0:20), Rep. Gabbard displays a microexpression of disgust. The former vice-chair of the DNC, who resigned this post earlier this year in order to endorse Bernie Sanders is exhibiting the emotion of disgust at prospect of endorsing Secretary Clinton for President.

In addition to her disgust displayed via the microexpression, Tulsi's coexisting increased frequency and prolonged duration of her blinking - along with her head-neck-torso retraction are disgust amplifiers.

Of course this is but one of the many nonverbal displays seen in this short video. What other significant body language signals did you see?

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