Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3409: Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Reaction to Bernie Sander's Criticism of the DNC - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

One of the more interesting body language moments from Saturday night's Democratic Debate occurred when the camera was briefly directed at the audience and the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was shown during Bernie Sanders' explanation of the data breach (Full transcript of Debate) - during which he criticizes the Democratic National Committee's actions.

Beginning at 1:38, Sanders continues: Thirdly, what I have a really problem, and as you mentioned - this is a problem, I recognize it as a problem. But what the DNC did arbitrarily without discussing it with us is shut off our access to our information crippling our campaign. That is an egregious act. I'm glad that late last night, that was resolved.

 Fourthly, I work -- look forward to working with Secretary Clinton for an investigation, an independent investigation, about all of the breaches that have occurred from day one in this campaign, because I am not convinced that information from our campaign may not have ended up in her campaign. Don't know that.

Although the lighting and therefore the resolution is poor, enough nonverbal detail can be seen in her 4.7 second appearance (~2:02 - 2:07) to glean some valuable body language tells (all four of the following images are shown in sequence).

Note that Wasserman Schultz's head is tilted to her right. Together with the rest of her facial expression, this tilting speaks of or a relatively lower anxiety.

At this moment she is also showing subtle mid-facial tension. Her lower eyelid tension is the most notable signal of anger in this image.

A second later Ms. Wasserman Schultz straightens her neck - telegraphing a higher level of alertness and anxiety.

Her eyelids also display a prolonged blink - a signal of emotional processing and an attempt to suppress strong emotions.

Her mid-face tension has also significantly increased - with her lips have becoming stretched and thinned horizontally as her nostrils exhibiting a mild flaring.

While this image was captured mid-blink, it continues to show the DNC Chair's lower lid tension - but also a quite significantly increased horizontal tension of her lips/mouth.

Both of these dynamic facial configurations, when clustered, signal significant anger.

At the very end of her appearance (2:06), Wasserman Schultz's primary emotion of anger is diminishing while being somewhat replaced by that of regret.

What, specific facial features in this moment signals regret?

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