Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3394: People react to being called beautiful - Body Language of a Sincere Smile (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This is an incredible video by Shea Glover, a Chicago high school student. Although her initial "intentions were not to get a reaction out of people" - but rather to "film beauty" - it "turned into a social experiment halfway through".

Upon hearing Ms. Glover saying they were beautiful, most (but not all) of her subjects smiled - or smiled along with laughter.

In the above image (captured during 4:13) we see an excellent example of a sincere smile. Very few people can tell you the true components of a true smile of joy-happiness (even 99.7% of facial plastic surgeons) - yet it is watershed skill to accurately recognize this crucial emotion.

A sincere smile (Duchenne Smile) has the following characteristics:

1. Eyelids partially closed (always)
2. Momentary, concave-up, furrow in the lower eyelids (always, although with a partially suppressed
    sincere smile, it may just involve one lower eyelid)
3. Relaxed (not contracted) forehead muscles (always)
4. Upward vectored cheek muscles (vs. pulled laterally with a fake/social smile) thus resulting in
    the corners of the mouth also directed primarily upward
5. Teeth need not be showing (If they are showing, very little if any of the lower teeth should be
    visible. Exceptions here include: the beginning of/end of a bout of laughter [laughter may also
    be partially suppressed], camera angle, a taller observer [thus looking downward]). If a sizable
    portion of the lower teeth are seen outside of these exceptions, there is a significant element of
    insincerity present (It's important to note, that this does not mean that the person as a whole, is
    insincere - however in that specific moment, they are "pushing out" some feigned emotion.
    They are acting).

Thank you Shea Glover.

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