Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3392: Donald Trump to Republican Jewish Coalition - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

You may have heard of Donald Trump's multiple faux pas (many have called it anti-Semitic) during his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition earlier today. During the above excerpt, the businessman-turned-politician shows us yet another profound body language tell (Watch the full speech here).

Trumps exemplifies a classic "Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression" (aka R2E2) during the 0:22 segment of the above video, as he says, "... couple ..." ("... It's okay - Yeah, I've been called on that a couple of times too ...").

The R2E2 is a nonverbal signal which may manifest very briefly (as a microexpression or near microexpression) but also for longer duration facial displays (in this example it last for about 0.25 seconds). The vast majority of body language beginners will invariably confuse this with and falsely lump the R2E2 together with that of disgust - however they have completely different meanings (How do you differentiate between these two very similar expressions?).

It's important to stress that every single emotionally-healthy person makes the R2E2 expression once in a while, however when it IS seen, and particularly when it's seen frequently, you should always make the following distinctions:

  • Does the person believe what they, themselves are saying?
  • What's the over-all feeling of sincerity (Sincerity Quotient) in this moment? 
  • What do I feel is their predominant emotion in this moment?
  • What is my gut feeling of this person's motive(s) in this moment?
  • Why are they putting an extra effort in trying to convince me of something?
  • What, specifically, are they trying to convince me of?
  • Are they feigning a baring of their "Achilles Heel" and if so, what is it? Why?

Although it's not the case 100% of the time, very often those displaying the R2E2 are trying to rationalize. Moreover much of the time they're trying to convince you of something too - along with their psyche. They very much want you to be a "Co-Rationalizer". Tread carefully when you see the R2E2 - for it's very often used when people are trying too hard to gain your trust, rapport and empathy

Remember - every human being uses the R2E2 on occasion. Professionals who tend to use the Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression excessively include: physicians, sales professionals, politicians, reporters, law enforcement and attorneys.

Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression (R2E2) captured during 0:22

Close-up of above R2E2

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