Friday, December 11, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3400: Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, Visual Recall and "Truth or Truth" - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

It's both entertaining and highly instructive to watch actors when studying body language. Why? Because it demonstrates that nonverbal behavior is so deeply ingrained, even professional actors/entertainers cannot suppress their real thought-feelings for long (and are typically no better than average at lying when they're "out of character")

In the video above, beginning at 2:55, Amy Poehler says, "... I'd like you to tell the truth. Truth or truth?"

Jimmy Fallon: "Well okay, truth."

Poehler: "What's in your pocket right now?"

Fallon then makes a suppressed smile, tilts his head slightly, begins to look up to his left, blinks (bilaterally) and then a looks up to his left for about 1.1 seconds (during 3:07 - 3:08) and then he blinks with both eyes once again during the realignment of his gaze back toward Poehler.

"A CD case of Bon Jovi's 2005 album, 'Have a nice day' - but inside is Green Day's 'Dookie' CD."

He then pulls the CD out his pocket revealing he had in fact, told the truth. 

If this had been a high level vetting, a deposition, Voir dire, negotiation, interview, etc., Ms. Poehler would do well to know that with the large majority of those who are right-hand dominant (as is Fallon), eyes that suddenly look up to their left during the mental process of visually recalling a person, event, object, etc.

If this had been a high-stakes person-to-person communication scenario, Poehler would have done well to note the timing and context of her question in relationship to this brief but telling momentary eye movement. While this behavior is not seen 100% of the time during visual recall, if a person is "normed" for this nonverbal, it's predictive value rises significantly.

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