Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3279: Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and the Iowa State Fair - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jeb Bush appears here in a brief video at the 2015 Iowa State Fair. Posted yesterday, he alludes to Donald Trump's entrance (and exit) on his helicopter.

Question: "Governor, getting elected one vote at a time, is that a challenge?"

Governor Bush answers, "Three hundred and thirty million people, it, it's a challenge for sure, but this is how you win in Iowa. Yeah. You don't wanna lob it - you don't wanna lob it in. You gotta be here. You can't helicopter in and leave [Contempt Cluster] - you gotta be all it. Subject yourself to peoples' questions and - this is - look I mean - New Hampshire's similar, Nevada's similar I'm learning - ya know, people really want to know where you stand. There's a lot of yearning for change and - you can't just ah, give it to 'em with a 30 second ad."

While much of the time, the emotion of contempt is subconsciously initiated. Yet in this example, just after the former Florida Governor says, "... You can't helicopter in and leave ...", he displays a contempt display which has a significant conscious component. In rapid succession (all during 0:15) we see the following cluster:
  • Eyebrow Flash
  • Prolonged Blink
  • Eye Roll

Eyebrow Flash
(Fast & brief elevation of eyebrows)

As eyebrows continue to elevate, there is a prolonged blink

Eye Roll

All three of these nonverbals - the eyebrow flash, the extended blink and the eye roll occur in an overlapping and rapid succession manner (ergo, a body language example of a "cluster"). Most people would miss these signals in real-time. Here it shows us Governor Bush has some real contempt for Donald Trump - and at this particular time, this emotion is deliberately and consciously initiated.

Jeb continues, "... Nevada's similar I'm learning - ya know, people really want to know where you stand. There's a lot of yearning ..." - he rubs/scratches his lower sternum and left chest.

This over-the-lower-heart gesture is a general, yet highly reliable indicator of anxiety. In this context, it tells us that Governor Bush feels he's behind in his Nevada campaign and he's at a disadvantage for the caucus there on 23 February 2016.

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