Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3290: Miley Cyrus Undercover, I Witness News & Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Jimmy Kimmel disguised Miley Cyrus as reporter "Janet" from Perth, Australia. Janet-Miley then went out on the streets of Hollywood and interviewed people regarding Miley Cyrus's upcoming hosting of the VMAs (Video Music Awards). What resulted is what some will call funny - while others will say it's distasteful - yet either way there were multiple body language displays, some of which are discussed below.

Self-touching (aka MAP or Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier - here exemplified during 1:16) as Janet-Miley says, "... Do you have any opinions about her or maybe what you think about her?". In this, as in most contexts, this side-scratch is a nonspecific anxiety tell.

Reporter Janet asks, "What would you say if Miley Cyrus was your daughter? Do you have kids? If they were acting like Miley Cyrus, would you have any thoughts?"

Her single arm crosses in front of her torso (1:37 - 1:47) in what is an extremely frequent, low confidence body language display. This particular configuration is much more common with women and gay men.

After Mr. Patriots fan says, "Actually you kinda look like her, actually."

Janet-Miley responds, "You know that's actually why they hired me. They flew me in from Perth and I'm here right now. I'm kinda freaking out that I'm on Hollywood Boulevard."

As she says, "... Perth and I'm here right now. I'm kinda freaking ...", Janet-Miley looks away with her head-neck and her eyes (2:00 - 2:02) while she's looking to Hollywood Boulevard. This is a very primal and driven as a manifestation of low-eye contact associated with deception.

During 2:02 - 2:03, Janet-Miley elevates on toes as she says ".... Hollywood Boulevard ...." - which in this context is a nonverbal tell of her heightened anxiety associated with lying.

In this segment Janet-Miley says, "Do you think Billy Ray - that's his name - it finally came back to me. Billy Ray, do you think he raised her to be that way - or you think she just kinda like lost her mind in all the Hollywood madness?"

During 2:06 - 2:07, as she says, "... Billy Ray, do you think he raised ...", Janet-Miley scratches her face just laterally to her mouth and nose. When associated with making a declarative statement ("... it finally came back to me ..."), this nonverbal MAP is highly consistent with the act of telling a lie.

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