Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3288: Donald Trump & Jorge Ramos - "Go back to Univision" - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"Go back to Univision!" shouted Donald Trump just before he had Jorge Ramos thrown out of a press conference today in Dubuque, Iowa. Along with these harsh words, the poll-leading republican had some interesting body language on display - some of which is discussed below.

Many have noted before - both in humor and in analysis, Donald Trump's hyperbolic lip and mouth movements. Yet in this moment, it carries an extra layer of meaning - a "Loose Forward Lip Purse". This very specific nonverbal signal is highly indicative for someone who believes they're a relative alpha with whomever they're speaking and/or interacting. It also tells us that that there's a large disparity between what they say and what they are thinking - AND importantly, they have a plan. Moreover, it's also telegraphing to us the message that they believe they have a high probability of executing their plan with success. Trump gives a hand signal to the security person/bodyguard (and immediately afterwards [0:23] Trump says, "go ahead") - and Jorge Ramos is, with some force, led out of the room (reportedly, Mr. Ramos was later let back in the room).

It's also particularly interesting to note that Mr. Trump makes several lip smacking displays or kissing sounds during crucial moments (0:22, 0:23, 0:26). Lip smacking is yet another signal of a person who's highly self-assured and a self-perceived dominant or alpha relative to the surrounding subordinates/beta personalities.

Trump or his team will make the assertion (or perhaps already have) that the security man (here passing in back of Donald) made the decision to forcibly remove Jorge Ramos. However Trump's face in this instant along with the above described tells indicate it was solely the candidate's call.

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