Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2861: Ronald Reagan and Variations on Thumbs-Up Body Language (PHOTOS)

Ronald Reagan is shown here with a disparity of two different emotions expressed nonverbally. The most obvious one is the universal emblem of the "Thumbs Up" - a Worldwide expression of optimism. This is a very conscious nonverbal.

However when we look at President Reagan's face - we see an entirely different emotional signal; Mr. Reagan's Jaw is clenched (note his dimpled chin muscles), his lips are horizontally configured and very thinned-out. Note also his nostrils are flared. The primary emotion Mr. Reagan is feeling here is Anger and the secondary one is Regret. These facial nonverbal signals are all initiated subconsciously.

Whenever there is a disparity between the nonverbal signals, the ones that are subconsciously generated are truly reflective of what another person is feeling while the consciously originated ones are deceptive.

On a different occasion we see the 40th U.S. President also displaying a thumbs up illustrator. Yet on his face we see a smile with a much higher sincerity quotient.

Here all of Reagan's nonverbal signals are congruent - and thus we know he believes the signal his thumb is sending.

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