Friday, June 20, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2857: Barack Obama on Syria, Belief that Syrian opposition could have overthrown Assad with U.S. arms a "fantasy" - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Norah O'Donnell interviewed Barack Obama earlier today. A portion of that interview is included above and a partial nonverbal analysis follows below.

At 0:00.5 Norah O'Donnell begins, "... Would that vacuum exist had we backed the moderate rebel forces in Syria?"

President Obama, answers, "... ah, yes.... I, I, I think th, this notion that somehow there was this ready made, moderate, ah, Syrian force that was able to defeat, ah, al-Assad, is, simply not true, ah ..."

As O'Donnell finishes up her question, and before the President even answers, he displays a brief expression of contempt.

While this is too long in duration to technically qualify as a "Microexpression" - it still is quite evanescent and has the same level of significance.

Note his asymmetrical smile - with Mr. Obama's right corner of his mouth vectored upward.

His right "mustache area" also contracts - as his right nostril flares as well. Additionally, and an amplifier of his contempt is betrayed in his eyelids partially closing - with greater prominence on his right.

At 0:07, further mouth asymmetry is displayed.

Still at 0:07, greater eyelid closure is manifested, particularly on the president's right side.

Even further eyelid closure with the President gazing down to his right (still at 0:07).

This and other eye moment directionals are epiphenomena of different emotional-thoughts. And while they are not 100% predictive - once normed, they can provide significant nonverbal adjunctive diagnosis. President Obama's brain behaves more like a right handed dominant person's (even though he is left handed) - do you know why?

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