Monday, June 23, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2860: Michelle Obama regarding the First Woman President - What Does She Really Think? (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

On Monday the first "White House Summit on Working Families" was held. Michelle Obama was asked:

" ... We have Nancy Pelosi, that was up here, we have women at the Supreme Court, and there are many feeling that if we're going to talk about leadership and that's what we're doing here, that a woman president is p-, is, is part of that and what and example that would set for your girls, and for young boys and for, for all of us. 

Mrs. Obama: "Absolutely"

Robin Roberts: "Do you foresee that happening and should that, when should  that happen? ....."

The first Lady answered, "That should happen - as soon as possible ...."

Just after Roberts said, "...that a woman president ..." and as she says, "... is p-, is, is part of that and ..."
Mrs. Obama rubs her nose

And while there are other nonverbals present here, this nose rub signals us that Mrs. Obama is in disbelief that this specific subject has been raised.

What other very specific body language do you see displayed in this video?

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