Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1833:
Costa Concordia & Crisis Management
Salvaging a Ship and Public Relations

The President of Titan Salvage, Rich Habib, is seen on this video Clip during 0:23 - 0:38 discussing the salvage operations of the Cruise Ship, Costa Concordia. If you were Titan Salvage's (or its parent corporation, Crowley Maritime) Chief Communications Officer or the firm/person who manage their public relations - how would you evaluate this segment? If you could, would you want a "do-over"? What emotions are displayed by Habib's arm/hand positions? His forehead? His mouth? His head movements? His eyes? What are your conclusions as to what Mr. Habib was thinking-feeling during this video segment of the press conference? Would you pick him to serve on your jury?